IMG_5903Hello practitioners of Chinese medicine and beyond!  We have a 20% discount sale happening this week for the AWESOME cupping balm we offer.  Practitioners are loving it, and reporting that it’s nicer than anything they have tried previously for cupping or gua sha.  It really is quite a smooth one, and adds to the therapeutic effect of cupping with muscle-relaxing, pain-relieving essential oils.  We’ve got a blend of pain-relieving Birch, moving Frankincense, relaxing Marjoram, warming Clove and Cinnamon, plus some balancing extras that make this balm a true pleasure to use.

If you would like to buy wholesale, please email me instead of ordering through our check-out.  Wholesale minimum is 5-3 oz. tins.

If you want up to 4 tins, use the code RELIEF at checkout to get them for $32 a piece!

here’s to your and your patients’ health,



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