• stops bleeding
  • cleanses wounds
  • stops muscle cramps
  • aids respiratory health

This balm will keep you grounded in the city while you dream of the forest.  And when you make it to the forest for hikes and backpacking, this is the balm you want to have with you. See below for details!

Find it also in The Sampler.  A great gift for the season!

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Prepare for the woods with this balm!  Cleanse cuts and scrapes, halt bleeding, soothe your muscles after a hard days’ hike. Repel bugs while you’re at it!

Or if you’re stuck in an office, take this out and bring the forest right to your desk space.


  • Antiseptic–great for treating wounds
  • Hemostatic and Styptic–promotes blood clotting and astringent for blood vessels to further slow any profuse bleeding
  • Antispasmodic–both for the respiratory system as well as tired muscles

Fir Needle

  • Antiseptic–prevents infections both inside and out
  • Pain relieving–great for aching and tired muscles
  • Detoxifies the body–induces sweating and augments liver function for cleansing


  • One of the most anti-septic and anti-fungal EOs out there.
  • Anti-allergenic–not only the oil itself, but it helps treat allergies to other substances–yay!
  • Antispasmodic as well–this oil is almost a panacea, being anti-depressant and aphrodisiacal as well
  • *Careful during pregnancy

Cedarwood Atlas

  • Antiseptic for wounds and/or treating tetanus
  • Anti-inflammatory–helps arthritic pain and inflamed tissues (after a good day’s hike!)
  • Antispasmodic–again, helps muscles relax
  • Insect repellant




Coyote Balm is a handmade product done in small batches, therefore slight variation from batch to batch may occur.  If you are dissatisfied in any way by our product, please contact us at

Disclaimer: No coyote balm products are for use as medicine or drugs.  All suggested uses pertain to what is known about essential oil properties, and/or result from direct feedback from customers.

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