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This just in!  Our Circulate Balm has recently received kudos from one of our Acupuncturists that carries our line in her clinic.  Patients of hers have reported that their osteo-arthritis has been cured(!!) while using this balm.  We are sooo delighted with this news.  While we make no claims that the balms are medicinal products, there are known therapeutic uses to the essential oils in them.  Circulate has wonderful warming EOs of clove, cinnamon, and fennel.  On top of the proposed benefits, it simply smells wonderful.  Please contact us if you are interested in carrying Circulate in your clinic at a wholesale price.

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2 thoughts on “Product Highlight

  1. I also carry ‘Circulate’ in my office. I have found clinical success using circulate for cold-damp patterns of peripheral neuropathy and osteoarthritis. I have a handful of diabetic patients that are so grateful for ‘Circulates’ ability to relieve their pain from peripheral neuropathy.

    • Such inspiring news, Lindsey! We are so grateful for your business and elated by the success your patients have had while using the balms.

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