Frequently Asked Questions

Are these lip balms?

No. These are balms to use on hands, elbows, arms, legs, basically anywhere on the body, including the face. However, especially for facial skin, it’s important to patch test for reactions or allergies to any of the essential oils.

Are the balms organic?

Whenever possible organic products are used. Essential oils are always organic—one exception is that the vanilla in the Breathe balm is a synthetic fragrance.

What are the balms made of?

Each balm base is a recipe of olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil (both virgin and refined—virgin coconut oil has the best skin healing properties, but is overpowering in scent), and beeswax. All essential oil blends are made with from 6-12 oils, with the prominent oils being like the ‘guiding’ and ‘chief’ oils in the blend.

Will they react with my skin?

Most likely not, but we always encourage a patch test on the skin for possible allergies. You can do this on the back of your hand, or on your arm near the elbow. Clove is potentially drying for mucous membranes and therefore is not recommended on lips.

Can I use them on my face?

In fact, it is recommended for some of them that you do! The Rejuve and Cleanse are both recommended for facial skin—Cleanse works really well for blemished skin, and Rejuve is great to keep skin looking young, or even to potentially help tone aging skin.

Do you have other products? Will you be making other items?

We made a healing balm (Relief) for muscle aches and pains, which is a direction we hope to go towards in the future—making more herbal medicines.

We also have recently developed a simple shave soap. It is made with grapeseed oil and castile soap, with a blend of skin-smoothing EOs. We are planning to make a lip balm and potentially dive into other health, beauty, and medicinal products in the future. Please feel free to email suggestions of products you would like to see at Coyote Balm!

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