Frankincense, my heart

~Enormous benefits offered by a sacred oil~

resinIn my opinion, one of the most precious essential oils is frankincense.  There is something about this oil that speaks to me and fills my heart and soul.  I can’t quite describe it, which is part of what makes it so wonderful.  When I inhale frankincense, I simply want to breathe deeply and smile. 

Frankincense is a resinous substance that is extracted from the Olibanum tree by tapping—a method of making incisions in the bark of a tree and allowing the sap to seep out, then harden into “tears”.  The essential oil is then made by steam distillation.

What I love so much about frankincense is, first the scent—it’s sooooo grounding.  And at the same time it’s uplifting.  It centers and balances, and in fact, is a very affective sedative.  It invokes mental peace, a feeling of satisfaction, and awakens spirituality.  Anyone who has an inkling of religious or spiritual texts and stories is aware of it’s use in many rituals and anointing practices. 

In addition to the emotional and spiritual benefits that frankincense offers, it also carries awesome internal and external health properties.  The antiseptic qualities of frankincense not only make it a great essential oil to apply to wounds to prevent bacterial infection, but also a great oil for oral health.  It can help prevent cavities, mouth sores, and alleviates bad breath.  It’s astringent quality makes it a great oil for strengthening gums, hair roots, muscle tone, and skin, and it carries anti-aging effects with it’s tonic and ‘cicatrisant’ properties.  It helps heal and fade scars and marks on the skin, and it helps promote the regeneration of health cells, while keeping already existing cells vibrant and healthy.   I love to use this oil for the rapid healing of wounds. 

Frankincense is a great tonic for the whole body, benefitting all systems:  respiratory, digestive, nervous, excretory, and immune systems.  It increases secretion of gastric juices and bile, and facilitates peristalsis—offering smooth processing of food and drink. 

I hope to create new products in the near future, and in almost any product with a potential health benefit, I am always pulled to use frankincense oil.  I plan to develop a natural tooth powder (that you can make into a paste in your home), and now I know frankincense will be part of the simple formula of oils. 

IMG_0100If you’re desiring some of the benefits of frankincense, some products we currently carry at Coyote Balm contain Frankincense oil.  Frankincense is featured in Cleanse, supports the main oils geranium and ho wood in Rejuve balm, and is also in our Smooth shave soap.  Cleanse is great for healing the skin (but be careful during the day if you use it on your face—citrus (lemon) oils can be phototoxic), or rub it on your belly to alleviate a bloated feel.  Rejuve is simply great for anti-aging—Geranium, Ho Wood, Frankincense and Copaiba together create a powerhouse of a blend for healthy, youthful skin.   Smooth is exactly what it says it is:  soap for a smooth shave and smooth skin.  It’s got extra grape seed oil to nourish your skin while you wash away the day or shave your shadow.  I sometimes use it in my hair to get a little extra conditioning, and it’s scent is wonderful—not to mention all the essential oils in it are beneficial for calming skin irritation.

If you want to find a nice source of frankincense oil, here are my favorite places to buy:

Good info on different types of frankincense, this link takes you to the most commonly-used variety—

The oil used in Coyote, and a lovely (local to Oregon) company with great herbal resources—

Simply amazing oils—

Thanks for reading, and enjoy! 


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