About Coyote Balm

Welcome to Coyote Balm! We are line of small-batch, handmade balms in Portland, OR.

IMG_0061Coyote Balm was founded in 2015 by Jessica Maynard, who is a nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine and Herbal Medicine Diplomate.
Jessica began making balms in her kitchen during the summer of 2013, and that hobby has grown into what you see today. Jessica loves working with essential oils and has been studying their properties and powers of healing for over 2 years. She places education and sustainability as the highest values of the company, and wants to provide the best products possible for self-care–skin, health, emotional well-being–as well as for the environment.

We will be sharing essential oil information with you on our blog, and we will always package and ship our products with sustainable materials and an added personal touch. When you order, you’ll receive our lovely balms, and so much more.

And, a little about the philosophy: Coyote has existed since the beginning of time and will be forever present. Through an incredible ability to adapt and survive, and by always seeking truth, Coyote allows us the greatest wisdom: Love for ourselves, for all beings, and for the Earth. We carry this philosophy into the products made at Coyote Balm.

Please direct any questions to: coyotemedicinehealing@gmail.com